Family owned and operated in Tampa Bay, Florida
    What we do
A full service construction company.
Tampa Bay General Contractors is a design-build contruction company. We are state certified general contractors that cover all the  aspects of construction. We specialize in the trades, labor and construction management within the Tampa Bay area. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most responsive, professional and innovative solutions available on the market today. Our staff is experienced and qualified in a range of small and large scale construction fields.
   Our Average Cost of Building Services

COMMERCIAL RENOVATIONS - average cost $19.00/sf

COMMERCIAL NEW CONSTRUCTION - average cost $65.00/sf

PRE-ENGINEERED METAL BUILDINGS - average cost $60.00/sf

RESIDENTIAL RENOVATION - average cost $39.00/sf

RESIDENTIAL NEW CONSTRUCTION - average cost $95.00/sf

Exclusive in the Tampa Bay area
SOLID GLASS BACKSPLASH - average cost $48.00/SF
The glass backsplash trend is spreading like wildfire across kitchen remodels in America, and for good reason. In addition to being sleek, modern, and endlessly customizable, glass backsplashes are low maintenance, inexpensive, easily cleaned, and very versatile.  Whether your style is classic or bold, neutral or loud, a glass backsplash’s endless options for texture, hue, design, and size make it a beautiful addition to any kitchen.
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